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Woolrich is the America's third oldest clothing brand after Brooks Brother and Lord & Talyor. Woolrich can successfully maintain a company up to more than hundreds of years, clothing quality and reputation is the inevitable success factor. Woolrich focus on the use of materials, and low-key style of the brand, now Woolrich is now no longer confined to outdoor production. You can see Woolrich products in many well-known brands.

Woolrich mainly produces wool products. American wool products have three major brands: Woolrich Woolen Mills(since 1830), Johnson Woolen Mills(since 1842), Pendleton Woolen Mills(since 1863). Woolrich on the selection of high quality wool and 85% (80%) Wool+15% (20%) Nylon blend ratio, not only keep warm, but also can resist wet, can withstand the most severe weather. Its service life far more than any leather products can be compared.

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Woolrich Shop: There are a lot of stores and shops selling Woolrich products, customers in the purchase of products can consult sellers about the details of the product, including price, features, and maintenance information, they will explain in detail to you.

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Woolrich New: Woolrich 2016 new products arrived, making early preparations for the winter. These new products are still is your good helper to keep warm, but with a stronger fashion sense, so you can be a stylist in the winter.

Woolrich still constantly working to provide this technology with exquisite beauty. Its products are comfortable, long-lasting, durable. The combination of simplicity and innovation, the outdoor sports brand in the world through its influence redefined American style. We believe that Woolrich's investment and precise positioning of the product, and there are reasons to believe that it will bring us more and better products.