Wednesday, January 8, 2020

eBay Stealth Account For Sale New With No Limits and No Restrictions

Average price for a normal stealth account online costs 200USD and those eBay accounts for sale come with restrictions at best 1000 items will be given by our competitors.

My unlimited eBay stealth accounts have no restrictions whatsoever! This means you can list millions of items without any restrictions.

Just as a test last night a customer didnt believe me, so I listed a 100 million item on eBay, Yes little stupid but was only a test account and let me list the item fine. Same as any account you need to take care with it and not list stupid amounts.

Take a look at this video, You can see I listed a 100 million pound item.

Contact us, we have been selling eBays for almost 10 years now. We always have a huge range of eBay accounts and businesses for sale at any one time.

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